Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marshmallow Madness

For some reason, my kids always seem to find a way to get into trouble with marshmallows. Are marshmallows are just a fun food? Maybe it is because they are so squishy and sticky. Maybe the kids know how hard it is to remove them from carpet and clothing and furniture and hair. I guess it could be all of the above?

Today, it was Justin's turn. And he got into trouble with a whole bag of mini marshmallows. I still have no idea when he got them, or where they came from. I was in the kitchen and could hear him playing. All of a sudden he started squealing with delight. I went to check on him, because the squeals signaled to me that he was having a little too much fun. Boy was I right!

He had not only taken a full bag of marshmallows from somewhere, but also opened them and proceeded to dump them all out on the carpet! Ugh! Some came up very easily, but some I think he tasted first, because those were wet and sticky and embedded into the carpet. Double Ugh!

I did make him help me pick them up, but that was short lived. He put a few handfuls into the bag and then decided that is was more fun to practice throwing. After I got him to stop throwing, he went to get his ride on truck and decided to squish some more into the carpet! Fun stuff for a toddler! He was laughing the whole time even as he got in trouble. I have a feeling this is just a small glimpse of things to come!

trying to look innocentwatch me throw them

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