Friday, April 10, 2009

Dying Eggs - and kids!

The dying of the Easter Eggs is always full of fun - and color!!! The boys did pretty well this year, and only spilled one of the cups of dye! I think there are only a few red spots left on the kitchen floor. They should wear off by next Easter! Sean was the most impatient, I think he dyed more eggs than anyone because he basically dipped them in, counted to about 5, and then wanted a new egg! Brian did a great job and his colors were the brightest because he took his time. Brian also liked to make some eggs half of one color and half another color! Justin threw a few eggs, spilled a lot of dye, and even kept trying to drink the dye! Yuck!

Oh, that reminds me of a great story. I guess it had to be about 8-9 years ago. All of the grand kids were dying eggs together, so with about 23 kids around a table it was total chaos! One of the younger kids was apparently having trouble being heard when he needed a new egg. So, he took it upon himself to get noticed. He shouted, "Give me a f***ing egg, now!" Well, let me tell you all of the adults and kids froze and just stared at him. A second later about ten eggs appeared in front of him in outstretched hands. I still laugh about this all the time, I guess he was about 5 at the time. And yes, he has older siblings that probably got in trouble for teaching him that nice word - and how to use it correctly!

Justin concentrating
Sean's "S" eggBrian working hardYum Vinegar with blue dye #43!the finished product

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