Friday, July 20, 2007

Baseball on the Beach!

One of Brian and Sean's favorite things to do is to play baseball on the beach. And why wouldn't it be - my mom and I pitch and chase the balls all over the beach and all they get to do is bat! Then when we got tired they tried pitching to each other - Brian did a great job and even ran after him like Brian Sr. does. He chased Sean around the bases and even though he is faster than him, he let Sean win and score without tagging him out! What a great big brother! Sean's pitching didn't go so well - he doesn't have enough coordination to pitch something Brian could hit - but he did manage to get it over the plate once in a while. Brian also likes to slide - even a few head first! Ouch! And why do we always say "eye on the ball"? Don't most of have two eyes - so shouldn't it be eyes on the ball?


watching a home run!strike!sliding into home!batter #2eye on the ballSean pitching to Brian Brian pitching to SeanBrian trying to tag Sean out!

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