Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Adoption Day, Roc!

This day, 8 years ago, we got our dog, Roc from the shelter! It was about 100 degrees and it smelled awful there! We looked at a bunch of different dogs and couldn't make a decision. The guy who was helping us said we should look at Roc. He told us that if he didn't already have three dogs that he would bring him home. Roc was great - he played and dug in the dirt. The bonus was that he kept his pen clean - meaning he was probably housebroken. (he was!) We filled out the paper work and they told us we had to have a leash and collar to take him home. Brian said we should get the stuff and come back tomorrow. Well, there was no way I was leaving him there another night!

So, we drove off the Petsmart and spend a small fortune on food and bowls and a leash and a collar and a crate and plenty of toys and treats! We raced back to get Roc! When Brian tried to get him in the car he wouldn't budge. So, he had to pick him up - even then Roc spread all fours and I had to help hold his legs to get him in the car. Then he was so nervous that he drooled all over the car! He drooled for the next few months every time we had him in the car!

Roc is a member of our family and we could not ask for a better dog. He loves us and the boys unconditionally. He is so gentle with the boys and when Brian and Sean were babies he shared his treats and dog food with no problem! We love you, Roc!

what a life!

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