Monday, July 9, 2007

Just Like Dad

Brain got to go to work with his Dad today! They were dressed alike and I wish I had a picture -khaki pants/shorts, red shirt with the golf course logo, hats, and black shoes - Brian Jr. even had to have a belt and a cell phone (not a real one) and a wallet (Dad's old one)! He doesn't miss a thing. Last week they went to the Riversharks game dressed alike too! In about 10 years when he is 16 he will never believe he wanted to go out in public dressed exactly like his Dad!

Not only does he dress like him, he imitates him too. Brian wants to keep his shoes where Dad does, wants to get dressed where Dad does, wants to take a shower and shave (with a plastic razor) when Dad does etc. It is really cute! And he is such a perfectionist that he has to have each detail right. Even when he wears his sports jerseys - he knows that sometimes his are not exactly like he sees the pros wear. He will say my numbers are dark blue and theirs are light blue. He will even turn his football jerseys inside out so they look white when he pretends to be the away team! Wonder where he gets that from?

Sean, of course, is a different story. He will wear a NY Giants jersey to an Eagles game and not care. He is just happy to have a jersey to wear! When they play animals Brian has to have his colors right. If they play hippos he has to be wearing grey, if they play dogs he wants brown or black. Sean will have on all yellow - his favorite to wear - and just say he is a yellow hippo! He never has to have things exactly like they are - he has a great imagination!

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Anonymous said...

He should act like his dad, he is so good looking!!!!!!!!!