Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sean's New Scooter

Sean got a new "big boy" blue scooter - he chose blue only because they didn't make a yellow one. I had to show him the side of the box where it listed the colors as red, blue, green, and clear before he would let go of wanting a yellow one! He used to have Brian's old one with 3 wheels that required no balancing, so it was time for a change. When Brian learned to balance well on it, it helped him to learn to ride a 2 wheel bike. It was an early birthday gift so he can take it to the shore with us!

Brian has a red scooter that he got when he was 4 years old. Well, that used to be his favorite color until recently when he changed it to blue (University of Delaware's colors are blue and yellow, NY Giants have blue, and the Riversharks are blue too!) So, now he is so upset that Sean has a blue scooter. Of course, this started a huge fight. Life is so tough! He asked Sean to borrow it and in pure brotherly fashion Sean said, "No!!!" Which Brian really did deserve because if it was his there is no way he would let Sean even go near it.

Once the newness wears off, I am sure Sean will share - if the moment hits him! I let Sean ride it in the living room for a few minutes - this is usually not allowed in our house but it is sooo hot out today that I didn't even want to open the front door!

so happy on his new scooter
riding away

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