Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

The boys rode their bikes in our town parade today! They were so proud of their decorated bikes and wore their Camden Riversharks jerseys! Can't get more American than baseball, right? Well, there is apple pie too! The parade went so fast that Brian Sr. didn't have time to park the car and catch up to us - so no photos from the actual parade! The kids were told to ride slow but that didn't happen!
The fireworks were rained out so we have some pictures of the boys in the van waiting to see if the rain would stop. They walked through the parking lot we were parked in to get Slurpees - that was their favorite part! I took a picture of Justin in his mirror - since he was facing backwards I couldn't see him for a picture!

Brian's and Sean's bikes

Getting ready for the parade
Here we go!
Justin ready for fireworks
the boys in their 4th shirts

Slurpees or Icees

Brian being funny

Say cheese!

Justin in the mirror!

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