Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baltimore - Go Ravens!

We had so much fun at the Ravens game today!!! They beat the Eagles 36-7! Normally we root for the Eagles being so close to Philly, but when they are playing the Ravens, well, you know! When your nephew is the starting QB team loyalties fly out the window! It was a cold day, but not unbearable. I think that was because it wasn't too windy. We were all the way at the top of the stadium, only one row from the top! We got our tickets from one of the Eagles' coaches and I guess they don't reserve good seats for Eagles fans!

We did get side line passes to go on the field before the game during warm-ups. It is amazing to see first-hand the size of these guys. I read the stats on TV and understand that they are big guys, but standing there a few feet from them is a different story! The boys got to see the down marker, sit on the Eagles' bench, and each got an official Eagles football!

After the game, we waited around to see Joe. He signed a ton of autographs - a lot of them for Brian and Sean! It was so neat to be in the players' parking lot and see them all leave in their awesome cars!

before the game
sitting on the players' bench
the view from our seats SeanBrianSean giving his Dad a dirty lookthe seats emptied out
when it was clear the Eagles lostJoe making a passJoe running with the ballBrian and Sean with Joe after the game

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