Saturday, November 15, 2008

Got Heat?

Okay, so I had to break down and turn the heat on a little over a week ago. It pains me to pay those ever increasing utility bills! But we woke up one morning and the boys thought is was so neat that they could see their breath in the living room! Sean said, "Cool Mom! I can usually only do this outside!" So, that was my clue that it might be time to get the temperature in the house above 50 degrees!

Well, ever since then, Justin has been obsessed with the heat registers. He waits until he hears the heat come on and then runs to sit by the vent. He laughs as the warm air blows his hair all about. Maybe this is another clue for me that the boy needs a haircut! His favorite one is in the kitchen and he moves the stools under the counter out of the way to get a good seat! I was babysitting Macie today and she tried to steal a bit of his warm air - he was not having any of that and definitely let her know it!!!

happy baby
letting Macie know to back off
blowing hair

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