Saturday, November 29, 2008

Window Fun!

Justin was so cute today playing in the window. He kept hiding behind the curtain and wrapping it around his head! He was so full of himself and it was so cute! There is nothing better than a happy kid - and Justin is such a happy kid! I love his smile and his laugh. It is impossible not to be happy when he is happy!

Justin laughingtrying to hidepeek-a-boo
Then Justin climbed up on the couch to get his brother Brian. Brian was pretending to be asleep and Justin didn't quite know what to think of it. I thought about it for a second and then realized that I don't think he has ever seen anyone actually asleep. He must have been a little confused seeing Brian just lying there with his eyes closed. He was cautious at first and then thought it was funny!
trying to figure it outlaughing at Brian


Michelle said...

Justin is getting so big - and he's adorable! He is so cute, climbing on his big brother :)

AprilMay said...

I had to smile at this post, because Caden has those same jammies and he also loves playing in the curtain!