Friday, November 7, 2008

Night Ball!

What could be more fun than a little basketball in the dark! Brian had fun hanging around on the rim - with his Dad's help! He loves to dunk the ball too - again with his Dad's help! And if you know Brian then you know that there was no basketball to be played until he had on his Wade #3 jersey! The boys had a great time. We kept trying to let Justin dunk the ball, but he was releasing the ball too soon. Brian would hand him the ball and then as soon as he started to pick him up, Justin threw the ball. He let go of it so quickly that I couldn't even get a picture of the ball in his hands! Sean was not much into basketball. He did take a few shots but with his newly acquired fear of heights, he was not about to hang on the rim! So, he did his own thing and played with sidewalk chalk!

Justin trying it outjust like the NBA playersthe dunk (with an assist)Sean doing his thing

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