Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Half Way To Pink!

Today marks six months of officially waiting for a referral! We we quoted on about a 10-12 month wait, although I am seeing most referrals closer to the 12 month mark right now. Spring is quickly approaching! We are still waiting on the approval of our I-600A and finger prints. I expect them to come within the next few weeks.

One of my friends was finger printed on Sept. 6th and she got her approval in the mail Oct. 30th. We were finger printed on Sept. 17th, so I am hoping we get our letter this week! If it doesn't come after next week I might have to start stalking the mail carrier! I know sometimes things are done in batches and how fast things are done depends on if you make or miss a batch. I am in no real need for this approval - we just need it back before referral, but it will be nice to cross one more thing off of my list!

Kathryn could be born at any time now. If we get an earlier than expected referral, she may have already been born! Of course I will not know who she is until she is 5-6 months old, but I still think it is neat that she is born or close to being born! I cannot wait to get that referral picture!!!

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