Friday, December 26, 2008

The Bottomless Pit

Otherwise known as Sean. This is what he ate today:

7:30 am - Oatmeal that must contain raisins and apple juice

10:30am - Snack at school - mini bagel with butter and grapes

11:45am - chicken noodle soup

11:55am - tortilla chips and salsa

12:01pm - apple and a roll

12:30pm - plain large bagel

1:04pm - animal crackers and water

2:09pm - applesauce and cucumbers

2:37pm - pretzel rods and PB&J

3:15pm - 2 clementines

4:00pm - chicken nuggets, broccoli and ketchup

5:30pm - chicken breast, noodles, and corn

6:00pm - more tortilla chips and salsa

6:08pm - mini marshmallows

7:23pm - banana and popcorn

8:19pm - apple and fruit cocktail

8:30pm - toothpaste and water

Can you believe the amount of food this kid eats in one day? He, by far, eats more than anyone in the house! And he is only 5! What in the world am I going to feed him in ten years - 50lb bags of oats - with raisins?

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