Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas Miracle

It has been seven or eight months since Justin liked getting a bath! He wouldn't even tolerate the bath. Although he did enjoy playing in the toilet - go figure. Whenever he was put near the tub he screamed and clawed (had to make sure his nails were short) and did everything in his power to get out of the water. I am surprised the neighbors didn't report us. Can you hear it now - "Yes officer, I know how loud he was screaming and crying. Really, I was only giving him a bath."

Then we thought maybe it was the deep water and not just water. No such luck. He had the same reaction to getting held in the shower. Needless to say, the poor kid's baths have been very few and far in between. I guess if he was in school he would be the smelly kid! Poor Justin.

Not only did Justin get in the bath tonight, but he kicked and splashed. He swam on his belly. He poured water on himself and laughed when the boys dumped buckets of water on his head! He played with boats and sharks and dolphins. He put his head back in the water and laughed. He blew bubbles in the water and even drank a mouthful or two. He was so at ease and having fun!

I am so relieved!!! Brian and Sean always loved the bath. I had no idea how long his fear was going to last. I smiled and told stories about it for the first month or so. Then I got mad. After that I was worried. Would my kid be the one sitting on the side of the pool all summer? Ugh! Well, it looks like, for now, I am raising another fish and balance has been restored to the universe!

Justin splashing
Sean being silly
Brian in a waterfallDad pouring water on JustinBut, it's all good

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