Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

We had a great Christmas! The bigger boys slept until about 7:30, Justin made it until almost 8:45. And being the mean, horrible parents that we are, we made Brian and Sean wait until Justin woke up to open their presents! We did let them go through their stockings. And eat donuts and coffee cake! Yum!

Even with waiting, they were finished opening before Justin could blink an eye. He was too busy looking at the presents they opened and then threw to the side to attack the next wrapped treasure. Ahhhh - all the time Santa spent picking out pretty paper and all those hours the poor elves spent wrapping. All of that time an effort reduced to a few trash bags in a manner of minutes. Sigh.

Then of course they assaulted him while he was trying to open his presents. They wanted to help him and a few times I had to stop them from opening presents that Justin didn't even have near him yet. Why it was so exciting for them to open Wonder Pets and Elmo toys, I will never know. I guess it was just the thrill of opening things.

My mom came over for dinner and I was so tired. The thought of making a huge dinner made my eyes even heavier. So I made an executive decision and we ordered Chinese food! Made me think of The Christmas Story! Everyone enjoyed it so much that I think we may make a tradition out of it! We cooked the ham and fixings a few days later and it was wonderful!

a rare moment -
Justin opening a present himselfSean excited about Star Wars figuresBrian loved his "game worn" Penn jerseythe boys all reading togethersocks and a jack-in-the-box
what could be better

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