Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa By Firetruck!

We heard Santa for blocks and blocks before he got to our street tonight! Santa, with his fireman helpers, rides around every year in the weeks before Christmas atop a decorated firetruck! Brian heard the sirens and the blaring Christmas music and ran through the house screaming that Santa was coming. Of course, Sean was in the bathtub at that time. Brian's announcement caused an all out screaming and hysterical Sean. He thought for sure that he would miss Santa - and his candy cane from the firemen.

So, I ran outside to check. Phew! Santa was actually on the block behind our house and going up the street. We had time to get Sean out of the tub and get most of his body dry before he went out in the sub-freezing temperatures! Justin was a little scared at first, he doesn't like loud noises at this time. But when he saw Santa and had a candy cane in his hand, all was good! He tried to eat it with the plastic on while saying Yum, Yum over and over.

We all waved bye to Santa and came inside. Justin was still trying to eat his candy cane. Brian started on his homework, and poor Sean was screaming again. You see, he had to get back in the tub because he got out before his hair was washed! All in day....

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