Friday, December 12, 2008

Butt Paste!

Rough day is an understatement for my day today! I was babysitting and had Sean and Justin, plus three more girls - ages 4, 2, and 2! They were into everything! And because I was so busy, I was a little careless! Let's see, first N got the top off the Triple Paste and spread it all over the carpet, furniture and other kids. She was able to get into all this mess because I was cleaning the soda off the kitchen floor that Sean had spilled. He said he thought he could do it himself.

It was a classic case of cup overflow onto the counter and floor. I have no idea why he didn't stop pouring once the cup was full. He poured enough for at least three glasses full! That reminds me of something else. Why in the world do kids drop things or spill things and then stand there and look at it??? I don't know how many times I have to yell, Pick it up!!! or Get a Towel!!! You would think by about the 890,277th time they spilled or dropped something that they would begin to get the hang of things!!!

Well, back to my here I am trying to get the paste off the kids. I figure I should clean them first or there might be more spreading to be done. Then I am on my knees with hot soapy water trying to get the sticky, oily diaper rash cream out of the carpet and furniture. And as I am scrubbing the carpet, N decides to get into the bathroom and somehow got the top off of the hand soap. And it had to to be blue hippo soap, not the clear kind! She had it all over the floor and toilet and even some out into the hall! I think soap is even harder to clean up than diaper rash cream. It just keeps getting more and more slippery when you try to wipe it up.

So, kids, bathroom, and living room clean. No wait. Scratch living room. Sean decided to have a snack while I was in the bathroom and left an open bag of tortilla chips out for the toddlers. So kind of him to share! Well, the tots decided it would be fun to play squish the chips into the carpet - and the carpet was wet from cleaning it before, so it was mushy crumbs ground into the carpet. I had to try to pick most of it out by hand since the vacuum would be no good on wet tortilla chips!

Now go back to the bathroom. This one I am glad was just spilled. N got the cleanser out of the kitchen and carried to the bathroom. She decided it would look great spilled all over the hallway! Thank goodness she did not try to eat it, or feed it to another child. I really have no idea how she got her hands on it. They are so fast - and sneaky!

Thank goodness that was the end to the madness, but it was a busy few minutes! I only got pictures of the first few events because I was scared to turn my back after that!!!

N the trouble maker
Justin trying to clean his facethe blue soap
the cleanser

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