Monday, December 8, 2008

The face says it all

Okay, first I have to apologize to Roc. If anyone ever posted a picture like this of me in a blog, I would freak! But I was so happy to capture Roc - fed up! He gives this sort of sad, sort of pissed look when you are sitting on the couch and he wants to be in your warm spot! If you ignore him, he then starts in with the verbal hints. I had to laugh at him today, just being Roc and wanting to keep warm. I have never seen such a seat stealer. Apparently, "seat save" has no effect on spoiled rotten dogs!


Nancy, Jeff, Connor & Porter said...

Poor Doggie! It stinks being the bottom of the food chain!

Congrats on getting your approval too! You must be so excited. How much longer do they say it will take now?

Are you on Facebook? Since we all changed our blog addresses, I don't recall your last name anymore! Guess it was effective! Maybe you could post it on Babycenter. We've all not been in touch as much lately.


Aimee said...

Aww, poor Roc! :)

T n' W said...

Hey girl, as if you don't have enough to do during the've been tagged. Check out the blog.

Waiting4OurAngel said...

Just checking in on your journey. Congrats on you I171H! Cute dog sounds spoiled like mine.

Hope said...

That is sooo cute. My husband does that sometimes haha!