Friday, March 6, 2009

Stomach Bug Update

Sean is finally feeling better, Justin did get sick a few times, Brian has been fine, I have had a loss in appetite and been tired, and Brian Sr. finally got it tonight! He had been spared the last two times the rest of us go it, so I guess his number was up!

It is tricky for Brian to get the stomach flu though, because he is a diabetic. He cannot just go to bed and not eat for 24 hours like most people. Even when he feels sick, he still has to try to sip soda or something with a lot of sugar in it. He was up most of the night....getting sick, drinking soda, and testing his blood sugar!

With Spring approaching - hopefully this is the last we have seen of the stomach flu! We all got it a few times last year too. But I cannot remember the last time any of us has had a good old fashioned cough and runny nose. It is so much easier to deal with that - and the clean up can't be beat!!!

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