Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hair cuts!

All of the boys got hair cuts yesterday! Brian just got a trim - he likes his hair a bit longer now. Sean got the usual crew cut. And Justin didn't get a crew cut, but it is much shorter than it was. The poor kid had hair in his eyes all the time, so he was quite overdue for a cut! He did really well and didn't cry as much as I thought he would. I am the one with tears in my eyes because he looks so much older!!! I think it looks pretty good though - I have a few small areas that need to be evened out a bit, but there is time for that!


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Aimee said...

Aww, he looks like such a big boy! Carter is not a big talker and wasn't a big fan of the snow either. They'd make good buddies! Sorry about the flu! We know that ALL too well. :(