Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Justin is 22 months old!

My baby boy is closing in on two - and too quickly for my liking! Justin is such a fun kid! He really loves his brothers. He is a wild child - I would not be surprised to see him competing in the X-games when he is older! He loves to play hockey and golf - and he has a great golf swing! The follow through on his swing is amazing!

Justin is still really quiet and has not added very many words since last month. He does speak a little more often, but for the most part is still a very quiet kid. He enjoys playing outside, jumping off the couch, wrestling with his brothers, eating M&Ms, throwing balls, and cuddling with his blanket! (Um, does that sound too much like a personal ad?)

His appetite is much improving and he now eats pretty much everything that we do - except for peas. I cannot seem to get any of my kids to eat peas though. Any ideas? It can't be the color green, because they all love broccoli. Go figure!

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