Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Kicks!!!

My mom took me to a running store today for an early birthday present. (May 21, if you have your calendars handy) I started running a few months ago, and have had a hard time with my ankles and knees hurting. I don't have the best joints, but still it seemed like I shouldn't hurt that much.

Well, a talk with a friend who runs marathons helped me so much! (No, I am not training for a marathon. I would just like to make it to 5 or 6 miles) Turns out if you want to be a serious runner, you cannot just pick your sneakers for color and price! Who knew? He told me to go to a running store and be fit for a pair of sneakers. He also said I was training too hard. I figured more is better to get you in shape. But like many things in life - less is more.

He gave me a training schedule and told me more info would follow when I got myself a proper pair of running sneakers! I had to text him after my first run. I cannot believe the difference that properly fitting sneakers make! The next day, my quads and glutes were a little sore - not my ankles and knees! Amazing. Truly amazing!

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