Friday, March 27, 2009

Living History

Every Spring Brian's school does something the call Living History. It is done by the parents only, they organize and run the whole thing! A different topic is chosen each year - last year it was about New Jersey and this year was Ancient Greece! Parents get in groups of about 4-6 and choose a subtopic. Then you get assigned a classroom to use and budget. The rest is up to each individual group!

I volunteered to be in a group this year (and last year too) and our topic was Growing Up in Ancient Greece. We decided to divide our room into three stations - home, school, and play. I was in charge of the play station. I learned so much about what it was like to grow up in ancient Greece and I am sure the kids did too!

me on the right in the tunic/toga!

(Brian is in the Eagles jersey)

the home section (we had a tent and real food)

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