Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten Months of Waiting!!!

I cannot believe it has been ten months, well a few days ago it was, since our home study was approved!!! It seems like forever, but at the same time, the months have passed so quickly! I am so anxious for a referral, but at the same time know we have so much to do before she comes home!

I want to get Justin moved in with Brian and Sean, so we can turn the room from boy to girl. I also think that I am going to let the boys have the master bedroom - one more closet but the square footage is about the same as their room now. And the master bedroom has no carpet, so we will have to get that done too for the boys!

I have been doing a bit of nesting. I have either given away or thrown away a ton of stuff in the last few months - and still have so much to go through! The preparation to add another kid is going to be a lot of work, but certainly well worth it!

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