Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow - finally!

Okay, first I apologize to all the people on the east coast that thought winter was over. Yes, it was me. I caused this snow storm. I complained just a day ago about how we got no snow again this winter. And about how my kids didn't get any use out of their boots and snow pants.

You see, that makes me mad. You spend good money on these winter necessities, and they never get to use them. And by next winter they are outgrown!!! Ahhhhhh! This was the second year in a row when it snowed only a few times. And the snow that we did get, well, it was barely a coating. At least the gloves fit from year to year. And the hats too!

Justin wasn't a big fan
(maybe because he refused to wear gloves!)
Seanlove this one!

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