Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Justin cannot obviously really play video games yet, but he loves to try and he really loves to watch. I guess it is like cartoons to him! The problem is that when he is watching, he gets too close. When the game is on the TV, he stands right in front of it and blocks the screen! And when it is a hand-held game, he leans over and puts his head right over the screen to block it! Sean dealt with it for a few minutes and then finally had had enough.

He pushed Justin's head out of the way, and then pulled his arm back to hit him. As soon as he touched Justin's head, Justin went on the defensive and pulled his arm back to hit Sean! Then, Sean started screaming that the baby was trying to hit him. Justin started crying and what was a cute moment between brothers became an all out war!

Sean still tolerating Justin
(Justin had his arm around Sean's shoulder
right before thisand I missed it!)the beginning of the fight

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