Friday, January 23, 2009

Sean's Loose Tooth!

As usual, Sean finished his breakfast and five seconds later said he was still hungry! Luckily my kids like to eat healthy food as much as junk food, so after two waffles and juice, he chose an apple to eat. He bit into his apple and started to cry. He said the apple was too hard and couldn't eat it! Hmmm. It seems to me I remembered something like this a few years ago. I asked him to come over to me and open his mouth. Yep, it was a loose tooth! Well, actually two loose teeth. The one on the bottom right is pretty loose and the one on the left just wiggles a little bit! He is so excited and could not wait to go to school to tell his friends that he is going to be rich!!! That's Sean for you!

showing me his loose tooth!

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