Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spaghetti Slurpin'

Tonight Justin was mad that we cut up his spaghetti. I should have known, he likes everything the way his brothers do these days. He is in full parrot mode. If they jump, he jumps. If they say No, he says No. Wait, he says No all on his own! If they want soda, he wants soda. If they go outside, he wants out. If they get a bath, he wants in! You get the idea.

So, for the first time he got spaghetti au natural. He had so much fun! He must have some of his grandpop's Italian in him. He dug right in and started slurping away. He thought this was so funny. He even ate some meatball, which was a first for him. He has not really eaten much red meat - he is a chicken kid.

I had to get out the camera. Then Brian and Sean wanted to join in the picture taking fun. Which is rare since they have been around long enough to want to run from the camera most days!

enjoying the spaghettislurp, slurpone more little bitthis is GREAT!Brian's poseSean trying to slurp Rotini with ketchup
(didn't go so well)

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