Monday, January 5, 2009

Eight Months Waiting!

So excited! Eight months down in our 10-12 month wait for a baby girl! The wait was pretty easy for the first few months. Then it got tough a few months ago. I felt like we had so long to go, but there was nothing we could actively be doing to help the process. At least early on you have paper work and fingerprinting appointments. Just busy work to keep you mind off the wait. Then we hit 6-7 months and I found it tough. Now getting to 8 month mark is exciting to me. I can see the end of the tunnel! And knowing that she has most likely been born is exciting!

I wonder what she is like. What does she look like? I do know that if the birth mom has already signed over her rights that the baby is being very well cared for. One thing that remains constant in all the information I get from those that have traveled to Korea is that those babies are so loved and very well cared for. This gives me so much comfort. To know my future daughter is happy and healthy and loved. I will never be able to thank them for the care they will have given to her by the time we pick her up.

Oh, and how my heart goes out to her birth mom. I cannot imagine how she is feeling. I hope that one day she can find peace with her decision. I also hope that she will one day be able to get the letters and information that we plan to send to the adoption agency there. I want her to see just how loved and cared for her baby will be. Okay, before I start crying.....

We cannot wait to meet you Kathryn!

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