Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cell Phones and DS

Like most toddlers I know, Justin's favorite toys are not his toys at all! He loves to play with cell phones and video games. He likes keys and permanent markers. He loves anything the boys want to play with. And he has even perfected taking something he knows he shouldn't have and running away. Like a puppy, he thinks the chase is part of the fun. He giggles and runs away while shouting, "No, no!" This toddler is definitely wise beyond his 20 months!

trying to dial or text?
taking a callmad because he cannot turn it on himselfyea, it's on!getting Dad to help out


Anonymous said...

Justin and my children could play together - and the fit if they can not get their hands on the cell phone or the remote.

Soralis said...

That is so adorable! One of my twins has an old cell phone and he talks on it all day!

Take care