Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Blue Jay

Brian took this photo. The day before, he was bringing up the trash cans. One of the cans was laying on its side. He went to stand it up and heard something inside. He looked down to see a baby blue jay! It started squawking at him. He carried the can over near a bush and gently slid the bird out. The bird went crazy and was squawking even louder.

All of a sudden, the mother blue jay flew in and made a few close passes over Brian's head! Brian quickly moved away from the baby bird. He said the mother bird then swooped down, picked up the baby bird in her beak and flew off! I have never heard of birds picking up their babies!

Well, the next day he saw the baby bird up on the steps to our side door. He took a few pictures, put some water in a Frisbee, and made the bird freak out again. He heard the mother bird and then left for work. We have not seen the baby bird since!

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