Monday, July 13, 2009

Early Intervention

I had been worried about Justin's speech for about 6-8 months. At his two year old visit he wasn't really saying much more than a few words. So, his doctor suggested that I call Early Intervention and just see what they thought. Well, his 2 year old appointment was on May 2nd, and they just came out last Friday, July 10th! It took forever to get the initial phone call, then weeks to get the second call, and then weeks more to get the visit scheduled.

So, in the past two months, and especially the past few weeks, he has made so much progress. He is putting a few words together, not in big sentences, but enough to get his point across. He will say things like "more milk, mommy" and "out go play." He has also really increased his vocabulary. He comes up with words like goggles and ice cream, seemingly out of no where!

A speech therapist and an occupational therapist both came out to the house. To say that they were wonderful seems like and understatement. Justin was shy at first but warmed up to them quickly. They were very friendly and inviting and knew just how to act around him. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, after all it is their job. Except for the long wait between initial phone call and appointment, it was a great experience.

We got good news from the therapists - his language tested to be in the normal range - at about 22-24 months. A little below his actual age of 26 months, but still close enough. And he had other areas where he tested to be 36 months. His gross motor skills are really advanced for his age. I think he has his older brothers to thank for helping him with that!

I have no idea whether he was at one time behind in his verbal language, or if he was just being stubborn and didn't feel like talking. I guess I will never know!

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