Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Does the Tooth Fairy come here?

Sean lost his top right tooth tonight while eating a bagel after dinner. Yes, my kid thinks a bagel is a good snack about 15 minutes after dinner. But that is a whole different story! He was so excited to have is tooth fall out - I think all he could see where dollar signs. That is why the next question was, "MOM! Will the Tooth Fairy still come since I am at the beach house?" I assured him that she would and he was fine! Actually my Mom is at the shore with us and she had to reassure him too.

Keeping in mind that my Mom is here, let's just say he was doubly blessed by the Tooth Fairy and her assistant that couldn't sleep for fear that the Tooth Fairy forgot. So, Sean got some cash in his glow-in-the-dark tooth and some more slipped under his door. He thinks the Tooth Fairy dropped the money, or that she wanted to surprise him with more cash! We tease him and tell him it was an advance for the next tooth since the other one is hanging on by a thread. I have a feeling it will be out within the week!

Sean crying because his gums were bleeding
(I have no idea how his tooth is still hanging on)
5:47 pm
Sean with visions of dollar signs dancing in his head
7:09 pm
The Boys - watching a movie before bed
(you might be able to see the tooth holder on
the right side of the small table)

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