Thursday, July 2, 2009

No more training wheels!

I never thought that it would happen so soon, but Sean learned to ride a bike without training wheels tonight! He tried earlier in the day, but would only ride on the grass and cried the whole time. Then later Brian and Brian Jr. went to baseball practice and Sean wanted to try again. I took the pedals off and let him coast down the driveway a few times to show him that he can balance. After a few runs he was asking for his pedals back. It took a few shaky starts, but within a few minutes he was riding!

I did get few pictures of his MJ impersonation with his tongue out for concentration. But most of the time as he was riding up and down the sidewalk he was whining and crying that it was too hard and than he couldn't do it! I kept telling him stop crying, you ARE doing it!!!! I am so proud of him!

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La La said...

Wooohoooo...Congrats Sean!!