Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cars, Cars, and more Cars!

Justin has recently become obsessed with the movie Cars. He wants to watch it from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. Brian and Sean thought this was fun at first, but are now throwing their heads back and whining as son as he asks for the movie. I tried to explain to them that they also were obsessed with things when they were two.

For Brian it was Toy Story and then Peter Pan. He really thought that he was Buzz. He wore his costume every day and would shoot people with his laser from the grocery cart! Then it was Peter, he actually had us call him Peter for a while. Sean was as into things as Brian, but he did love the movie Chicken Little and also wanted to watch Bear in the Big Blue House for hours on end.

Kids sure do the weirdest things. I read somewhere that as young toddlers kids thrive on predictability. When they watch a movie 506 times, they love that they can predict what will happen next. I guess that makes sense because I know my kids went crazy when you switched things in their routine. So, for now, we will keep watching Cars.....

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