Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Bunnies

Today we discovered baby bunnies in our back yard. They dug out a nest in the middle of the grass! There are four of them and they are so cute - and surprisingly fast!!! I guess we will have to take the dog out front for a while until they are bigger. I will die if he catches one! We put the kids picnic table over top of the burrow to protect it a bit from other animals, but still allow them to get in. The boys thought it was so neat!


Dave and Beth said...


Aimee said...

I wonder about you getting your phone call at least once a day, but never want to ask! I'm sorry you are still waiting. HUGS!
The bunnies are soo cute, we get them every year. We just had a litter(?) but I missed getting a picture. :( Great idea on the Pokemon cards! Smart Mommy!

Kathy V said...

Very Cute. The bunnies at our house were not so smart. they made their home underneath the gazebo. It seemed like a good idea that the time cause they stayed dry. but now the dogs keep trying to chase them down and they stick their nose underneath it all the time. Oh well.

(Hey, please email me. I have some questions to ask you. I thought I had your email address somewhere in my archives but can't seem to locate it. We are thinking about coming out your way next summer and I would like some info.Thanks)