Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surrey Ride and the Beach!

Today started off a bit cloudy, so my Mom and Brian had the great idea to rent a surrey. We got to ride up on the board walk and it seemed like a relaxing way to spend the morning. Um, boy were we wrong! The surreys are so much heavier than they look, they are not easy to steer and hard to stop too. Brian insisted on steering for a bit and almost ran into numerous things!

Good thing Brian is young and strong, because my Mom and I had to take turns peddling with him! Sean and Justin rode in the front basket and yelled at the sea gulls! Well, at least we can say that we did and have pictures to prove it when the boys ask to do this again!

It wasn't long into the ride that the sun came out. We decided to forfeit the last 20 minutes of our hour long ride and head to the beach! It really turned out to be a gorgeous day!

Brian got so good at the skim board this yearJustin smiling at the oceanGot sand?trying to jump across the holeBrian jumpingBrian posing for MomI was so tempted to bury them - just for a bitthis only took 304 takesthe end

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