Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let the Dog In!

At the beach house, there is a sliding door and a small deck off of the back of the house. Roc goes out clipped to a chain in the backyard. The chain allows him to make it up onto the deck but not all the way to the sliding door.

Roc barked from the deck and it was Sean's turn to let him in. So I said, "Sean please open the door and let the dog in." Sean walked over to the door and slid it open. He stood there and looked out the door and then looked at me. I again said (in not the same sweet tone as the first request), "Sean let the dog in." He looked at me with a serious face and said, "Mom, I can't let Roc in, he is stuck on the chain."

I was almost too stunned to speak. I guess I forgot to say Sean, go out onto the deck, unhook the dog from the chain, and then let him in the door! And the part that is not funny is that he was head serious. He was not being smart or fresh or sarcastic.

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