Friday, July 17, 2009

More Beach Time!

The weather at the beach continues to be perfect! The water is warm and the sun is out - who could ask for anything more! Brian spent most of the day in the water! He went back and forth between boogie boarding, swimming, and body surfing!
Brian on his boogie board
Then out of the blue, Justin starts walking up to us and growling! He was so serious and we were laughing so hard! He must have gone on like this for about 10 minutes! Crazy kid!

growling at the camera
growling at Sean

Almost every day of the vacation the boys wanted to dig a hole. They had the best of intentions, but before they were half of the way done, they decided it was too much work. And that meant Mom had to finish digging! Justin loves to swim in the "pool" that was made when the tide came in!

Sean with a sandy smile

King of the Mountain
Brian getting surprised by a wave

I have no idea what Sean was thinking in these next photos. He was trying to balance in the pool by standing on a little plastic car. Of course he over exagerated when he fell and had Justin laughing like crazy!

Sean doing who knows what?
Justin laughing at Sean

Sean falling without grace

Justin jumping in the pool

Sean found a huge jellyfish

Are you really going in there Sean?

Justin did a bit better with the water today. He seemed to be okay if he was in a chair and even let me walk out into the ocean while holding him. He still has a long way to go, but at his age it is not the worst thing in the world for him to be afraid of the ocean.

Not really liking the waves
Still a bit cautious
Much better!

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