Monday, July 20, 2009

Wheat Thins, Seagulls and Teeth!

Sean, my biologist-to-be, was having a snack of wheat thins at the beach. Eating like he usually does, and with the added challenge of having a space from a missing tooth, he was dropping crumbs out all over the beach. In a matter of minutes he was surrounded by swarms of starving seagulls! Sean, of course, thought this was hilarious as people nearby shot him angry glares. So, the more he ate, the more he dropped, and this brought more seagulls swooping in.

Sean danced, and jumped and tried to swat them. He threw big pieces and crumbs. He laughed and screamed. He ducked and hopped. It really was something to see. Kind of like a dance between Sean and the gulls.

Until he let out one big scream! I though for sure one of them had pooped on him or that he bit is tongue or something. Nope. He came running over to me with a huge smile. It took me a minute but them I realized what had happened! His tooth fell out. Second tooth in a matter of days! He was beyond excited, especially since he got $7 from the Tooth Fairy last time because of a miscommunication error between her and her helpers! Boy is he going to have a great song for Christmas!

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