Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Only In Seed Form

I am trying to get the boys to try some new foods this summer. Today was hummus. And not just ordinary hummus, home-made by me!

Sean - What is this?
Me - It's a dip for chips and veggies called hummus.
Sean - It smells bad.
Me - Well, it is not for smelling, it is for eating.
Sean - What is it made from?

I had to think about this. Chickpeas. Nope. If I mention anything with the word pea in it, I would be in trouble. So, since it does have tahini (which is made from sesame seeds).....

Me - It is made from sesame seeds. You love sesame bagels.
Sean - Well, I only like them in seed form.

Where does this kid get things from? I mean he is not even 6, and his reply to me is "only in seed form!" The wheels of his brain never stop moving. In fact his whole body never stops moving. I think he grinds his teeth in his sleep just so he can remain in motion!

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