Saturday, March 15, 2008

Egg Hunting

We have been going to my friend Mary's Easter Egg Hunt since Brian was a baby. She lives on the closest thing to a farm that the boys have experienced. She has a horse and a pony and some goats and chickens and a rooster. There is a big field to run in and lots of outside toys and a swing set. The boys have so much fun - and a great excuse to get dirty!

Brian and Sean found a bunch of candy and toys - since he has a milk allergy, Sean gave all of his chocolate to Brian. I asked him, "What about Mom?" He said, "You're too old for Easter candy!" I beg to differ - how can you be too old for candy! After the hunt they ate hot dogs and cupcakes! Brian got a turn on the pony and Sean waited in line twice so he could get another turn. I was so proud of them! They also had a ton of fun with the huge bubble wands. It was a little chilly, but all in all a fun day. And they were so tired when we got home!

Justin was really good all day. He didn't participate in the candy hunt this year, but I am sure that he will have a full bag next year! He really liked watching all of the different animals. His favorite was the pony. I let him pet Ranger and he laughed and laughed and pulled on her hair. The piny still had her fuzzy winter coat and Justin loved to feel it and rub his face in it. I was laughing at him - he was totally amusing himself with pony fur!

Before the hunt
gathering treats
always a smile for Mom
checking out the loot
Justin looking at a goat
monkeying aroundBrian on the pony Sean on the ponyJustin laughing at the pony
bubble fun
more bubbles

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Michelle said...

Looks like a fun day! I can't wait until we have grass again ...