Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

We had a busy weekend - egg dying and cooking and the Easter Bunny visiting! The boys had so much fun dying eggs - Sean did almost all of his yellow! He kept getting his fingers in the cups and then wiping them on his clothes. I kept reminding him and he kept forgetting! Before he ruined his clothes, I told him to take them off. He dyed eggs in his underwear for the remainder of the time! And he was happy - he loves to take his clothes off! Crazy boy!

They all slept in until a little after 8:00 am - so that was a great Easter present to me! Sean had Mike&Ikes for breakfast and Brian ate the head off of his chocolate bunny! After I nursed Justin, I made pancakes. I think Sean had about ten of them! They all love pancakes - even Justin! The Bunny brought some candy, a few video games,a d some Phillies jerseys! Brian was busy playing the Wii games and Sean decided to check out his basket while he was occupied elsewhere! He didn't find anything that really interested him and soon went back to his basket! Justin got some bunny cheese crackers and bunny graham crackers. He also got a baby basketball hoop and a Winnie the Pooh ball. the ball was by far his favorite and he played with it all day.

love that face

waiting patientlybig smilestrying not to drop itcheese!another yellow eggsporting the briefsI think this pose is in the male DNAFamily eggsmore eggs


The Town Criers said...

Oooh, your eggs turned out so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I had to lol at Sean with his hands in his pants. I'm constantly telling Kaleb, get your hands out of your pants, lol. I have to agree it must just be in their DNA!!


Adam & Andrew said...

Boys!! Too funny!