Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Like A...Burrito!

I could probably keep this blog going with just stories about Sean. He makes me laugh each and every day! And not just a 'boy my kid is cute' type of laugh. He gives me real honest to goodness humor! This morning he wanted a ketchup roll. One of his usual snacks - I have to put only ketchup on a hamburger roll. Sometimes he wants it closed and sometimes open - meaning on half or two. Today he decided that he wanted to change things up a bit and pulled out a hotdog roll. He said, "I want one only." I wasn't sure if this meant one roll or he wanted one half. So I asked, "Do you want it open or closed?" He said, "Open with two sides on top." Huh?

I picked up the roll and asked, "Do you want ketchup in the middle and then close it together?" He looked at me like I totally boring him with the details of something that he had just said. He did say something - it is just exactly what he meant that I was still having trouble with. Then he said, "Yes. In there and then you squish it and roll it. You know, it's like a burrito!" Where in the world he got the idea that ketchup on a hotdog roll was a like a burrito I will never know.

Maybe there is an analogy here - Ketchup is to roll, like burrito sauce is to tortilla. Is that stretching it too far? I guess it is possible that no one 'gets' him because his mind is working on a whole different level. I would love to find someone that understands how is mind works! But for now, I will just enjoy the laughs and not have to worry about running out of blog fodder!

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Kathy V said...

That sure sounds like it would taste good. Not! The thought of ketchup on a bun with nothing else does nothing for my stomach especially in my current state of constant queasiness. Glad you get some laughs out of it though.