Friday, March 14, 2008

Sean's New Jacket

Look closely at this first picture - do you see anything out of place? No, it is not Sean's huge muscles. Which by the way, he says are "from eating tons of green beans!" So, I guess the other veggies and proteins and soy milk etc. had nothing to do with his muscles. Once again he is onto a secret known only by him. So, if you want some big muscles like his, eat your green beans! Oh, and make sure to dunk them in ketchup like he does! Can you say yummy?

pump you up!

How about a view from the back? Do you now see anything wrong with this picture?


Yes, that is Justin's snowsuit that he is wearing as a jacket. And, no, for once he did not do this on purpose to be a funny guy! He had no idea that he wasn't wearing one of his jackets! He was almost out the front door to join his Dad and Brian and I told him that he needed a coat on! This, of course, caused a mini-meltdown and he threw himself on the floor. Mom doesn't play that game, so he got a time-out.

Boy was he mad to have to sit and wait even longer to join in the fun out front. So, when he was allowed to get up, he grabbed a jacket from the closet and was out the door before I could blink. I don't think he was paying attention when he grabbed this out of the closet - he was already outside in his mind before and now he was four minutes late from a time-out! I watched him grab the snowsuit and thought to myself that I didn't remember him having a coat that color. Then I realized what it was and grabbed my camera! I was laughing so hard that I could barely walk and tears were forming in my eyes! I followed him out the door and made sure that Brian and his Dad didn't say anything to make him take it off until I snapped a few photos.

At first he didn't want to pose and then I told him I thought his muscles were getting bigger, so I needed a new picture of his muscles from the front and back. Now he was more than happy to flash me a few smiles! Over the years, I have picked up a thing or two to trick the kids into doing what I want. Telling them that they have huge muscles goes a long way in this house. So does the racing thing. If they don't want to get dressed or clean up etc, I tell them I am timing them and want to see how fast they can do something. It works every time!-well almost every time because nothing is foolproof when kids are involved.


Michelle said...


Oh man, that was a good laugh! :)
Good job grabbing the cabinet!

abc123vn said...

What great muscles and I wondered about the "coat" until I saw the back picture!

Bobby (Mandy) said...

Who needs TV when you have a child like Sean around. Constant entertainment!

Nancy, Jeff, Connor & Porter said...

OMG! Too funny! He must have been in quite the hurry to get out the door since he didn't notice his coat was a different color AND size! With all those green beans he's growing right out of that coat!