Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was downloading some pictures that I took today of Justin and realized that I forgot about the pictures of Brian playing basketball last week! So, here they are - they were taken last Saturday. It was his last day of clinic and he even got to play a short game at the end. He played great and was a real go-getter.

I am still amazed at how different his personality is on and off the court/field. He is so confident and outgoing when he plays sports. He puts his heart into and never gives up - even when he is exhausted. If he would only put that philosophy toward his homework! We were so prod of him for playing his best - and scoring a basket! Way to go Brian! As I said before, baseball and flag football are fast approaching!

more practice
dribblingpreparing to shootshootinglooking like the pros watching his shotthe basket is good!
Brian loves Dwane Wade

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