Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can you guess?

Any idea what the following is on my carpet? I will give a few hints: (1) it did not come out of any child or animal, (2) it comes in bottle, (3) it is sticky, very sticky!

the big blob
the trail all over the carpet
Do you give up? Or did you have a good guess? The answer is HONEY! Yes, probably the stickiest thing a kid could spill on the rug! Brian opened the lid, took off the white sealing disk, and then put the lid back on. The problem was that he didn't screw the lid on correctly and as he walked to the kitchen from the living room, a trail of honey was left behind! And then when he figured out what was happening, he tried to get the lid on correctly and it fell off. This is when the bit pile of honey got formed. And also notice that he spilled it across some books left on the floor too!
It took a long time to get it all out of the carpet. A lot of hot water and a lot of good old elbow grease! I had just borrowed a rug cleaner from my sister-in-law and he is so lucky that I hadn't used it yet.

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Kathy V said...

I would have guessed syrup. Syrup, honey, it is about the same. Sticky and messy!