Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Climber

My monkey, aka Justin, has become a proficient climber. He has long been able to get up onto the couch and now he has figured out that from the couch he can get onto the end tables! His other new trick is getting up in a dining room chair and from there up onto the table! He is most excited about getting up on the table. He sees all the stuff up there day after day, and no one lets him touch it! He was laughing and screeching like crazy the first time he got his hands on the things up on the table! We are in so much trouble! If we come to visit, move your valuables to the top of the fridge. He hasn't figured that one out - yet!

into the dining room chair
I think he is trying to hide
on the dining room table
on the end table

1 comment:

Kathy V said...

Next it will be Mount Everest. (or the top of the fridge!) I'd say he looks most impressed with himself on the dining room table.