Sunday, August 3, 2008

Justin is Fifteen Months!

I guess I now have a toddler on my hands. I probably have for a few months now, but who is counting? Not me! I will still refer to him as the baby!

Justin has such a wonderful personality and it most of the time happy. He is beginning to master the art of the temper tantrum, and is really good at the boo-boo lip also. When he is sad he puts his hands over his face and then lowers his head. So darn cute! Well, not cute that he is sad, but you know what I mean!

He still doesn't really say more than a few words, but he does understand everything we say to him. I am trying to start some sign language. I know it is a little late, but I am hoping it will help him to communicate a little better. And he really does pay attention to the signs. He hasn't repeated any yet, but he is watching closely! I found a great web site here, that gives min video clips of different signs and the letters of the alphabet. They have most common words - bird, milk, more, yes, no, eat, drink, up, down, little, big, sit, sleep, etc. I am hoping he starts trying to copy some signs in the next few weeks!

Justin loves to wear hats
love those dimples
soccer player
so cute when he squats like thiswho me?climbing on the couchhe learned to get down the right way

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