Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Eagles Carnival

Well, it has been a few days filled with the Eagles for this family! Today was their annual carnival fundraiser. The kids love to go to play the games and hang out in their Eagles best! The same coach from yesterday met us there and escorted us up to the VIP area! We got a free buffet lunch. The food was so good! Of course the boys ate rolls, soft pretzels, and cookies!

Many Eagles players were there too! They boys got autographs from AJ Feeley, Greg Lewis, Scott Young, Dan Klecko, Pago Togafau. And ex-Eagles Vaughn Hebron and Mike Quick. Vaughn Hebron had on a Super Bowl ring from when he played for the Broncos - it was so huge! He is now an analyst a local cable sports show that airs after every Eagles game. Mike Quick is now an announcer for Philadelphia Eagles radio broadcasts.

Brian and Sean won some prizes - buttons, stickers, change wallets, key chains, matchbox cars and the best one of all whistles! I have no idea what happened to the whistles! (ha,ha,ha) The weather was perfect - especially compared to the rain from last year!

Lincoln Financial Field

Brian and Sean

Sean playing the duck game Greg Lewis signing a ball
Brian playing the football toss game
Brian McNabb
Sean McNabb

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